Using Google Ads Editor for Bulk Uploading Ads

Why use Google Ads Editor?

We are pleased to present the expert opinion of Atomic Leap’s ppc specialists. For individual ads, when adding just a couple of new ads into an account, you can do it straight from the Google Ads interface. However, when uploading many ads across multiple campaigns and ad-groups, it can be much easier to use the Editor. This is because you can create ads much quicker in Excel, then upload them all in one go using the editor. The editor can also let you see how everything will upload before putting it into the account, avoiding mistakes.

Okay, so how do I make the ads in Excel?

For the editor to convert your Excel sheet into ads, you will need the necessary column headers. The required ones will be:

  • Campaign
  • Ad-group
  • Headline 1
  • Headline 2
  • Headline 3
  • Description 1
  • Final URL

However, we recommend you also add:

  • Description 2
  • Path 1
  • Path 2
  • And if you need it, Labels

Once you have your headers, you can create an ad per row. You can drag the rows down to get the same ad sections across multiple rows for your list of ad-groups. From here you can change the parts that need to be unique to the ad-group.

You can also put in an extra column with =LEN(cell) to see the lengths of each part, so that you can check that there aren’t too many characters. The limits are 30 for headlines and 90 for descriptions. If you are including Paths in your ad too, then the limit is 15 for them.

I have created the ads in Excel, how do I get this into Google Ads Editor?

Before you add the ads into the editor, its best to download the whole account first. This makes sure that when you post changes, it doesn’t revert any changes since you last downloaded the account. A shortcut for this is Ctrl-Shift-T.

Once data is downloaded, you can go to the expanded text ad section, and click “Make multiple changes” at the top.

From there you can copy your table from Excel and click the “paste from clipboard” button, which can then be processed into the account.

When it’s finished processing, it will give you a summary of what’s been added, make sure that they all say added instead of modified. If you find that it is modifying existing ads instead, you can stop this by adding a column in Excel called “Headline 1#Original”. Put any value in for this column and it will force the editor to create a new ad instead of modifying an existing one.

My ads are in Google Ads Editor, how do I post them?

Before you post you will want to check that everything is ready to go. 

Here is a small list of things to look out for:

  • Errors – these come up as red or yellow and will tell you want the issue is when you click on them. If they are red, the editor won’t even attempt to upload them.
  • That the ads have imported to the correct places. You can see how many ads are in each ad-group/campaign and see if it matches with your plan.
  • That no new campaigns or ad-groups were made. If the names were typed wrong in Excel, then it will create a new campaign or ad-group. Anything new is highlighted in bold in the editor.
  • That you have paused previous ads if you are replacing any.

Now you can click ‘post’ to upload all of your changes.