Using Ad Extensions in your Google Ads Campaign

What Are Ad Extensions in Google Ads?

 Ad extensions are important for making sure that you are making the most of a Google Ads campaign, they are simply just extra pieces of information to attract customers or extra contact options that help make your ads stand out that bit more over competitor’s. The extra useful information can let customers know more about your products or options that you want them to know about, whilst also making the ad visually larger on search results.

A couple of examples are sitelinks and call extensions, these are common and simple, but highly effective when used properly. Their purpose is to increase the number of customers clicking on the ad, improving the click-through rate of your ads and increasing the overall performance of your Google Ads campaign.

This is what sitelinks look like in Google search results:


Sitelinks have extra information and give the option to customers to visit other parts of the site, like different categories of products that they may be interested in. However, sitelinks are smaller than the ads, you only get one headline and 2 descriptions per sitelink. The parts of the sitelink are shorter than the ad too. Headlines are limited to 25 characters instead of 30, and the descriptions are limited to 35 instead of 90. These sitelinks also don’t always appear on your ads, and you don’t have much control over when they do appear. This is affected by many things, for example there’s a limit on how many sitelinks can show at once, and it depends on your ads position in search results too. 

Call Extensions

Call extensions are a lot simpler. They are just a button with a number that if you click on it on a mobile device, will open your dial app with the number ready to call. These can be tracked in Google Ads and will tell you which ad the call came from, just like any other conversion. Also because of the dynamic numbers, it will also track those calls that are manually dialled. Just like sitelinks, the call extension won’t always show.

Why Use These Extensions and How Do They Affect Performance?

Sitelinks can help increase CTR of your ads and can reduce the cost per click too by increasing your quality score and giving you a higher ad rank. This can be useful if you want more traffic for the same budget or just to reduce ad costs. These sitelinks include more information, such as current offers, other interesting pages or other products that users may be interested in. This can increase the chances of someone making a purchase.

For example, this ad could have appeared for a search for dog food, but they may offer more than just dog food. If the user is a dog owner, they may be interested in dog toys and other care products too, so may end up exploring one of the sitelinks:

Call extensions can increase the amount of valuable leads your business gets, this is because talking to a real person can increase the chances of purchasing. Google will track call conversions using dynamic numbers too, so you can see which ads got a call, even if they had to dial it manually. This is useful for optimizing an ad account if a lot of sales come through by phone.

How We Help Clients Make Ad Extensions Effective?

Performance based digital marketing agency Atomic Leap works closely with our clients to understand their business goals and KPIs. This allows us to focus on maximising the engagement between the client and their customers, based on what the client wants and what their customers are looking for. This means that we can come up with campaigns to fit certain purposes, including making the ads as relevant as they can be with ad extensions to further improve the performance.