Consistent 25% Year-on-Year growth, 10 Years Into Our Client Partnership

How We Avoided the Dreaded Performance Plateau

Forces War Record Case Study


Achieving Consistent Performance Growth Year-on-Year


The Challenge

In the initial three years of working with Forces War Records, we reduced cost per conversion by 50% and increased their quarterly profit by 30X.

The challenge was to continue delivering performance gains, once the account performance  had been maximised for three years.


The Result

Over a 4 year period up to the pandemic, we saw a 100% increase in profit generated, using our agreed server-side accounts checked measurement of customer lifetime value.

The graph shows the quarterly profit over the four year period up to the pandemic.

This equates to a 25% annual increase in profit generated every year for 4 years.


How We Did It

Our scientific approach to performance marketing delivers consistently improving results for all our clients. For Forces War records, profit was the key, and so all of our split testing and statistical analysis was focused purely on this goal.

During this 4-year period we ran split tests, did the statistical analysis and gained concrete learnings on a number of key factors. For example, we got statistically significant learnings on ad copy – what key messaging works best for different customer segments. We tested new beta products on Google and Bing ads and learnt which worked – and which did not. We found the optimum bidding settings. We ran as many tests on as many platforms as we could, continuously.

Because we don’t just “set and forget”, maximise automation and do everything by the rule book, we were able to deliver significant performance improvements on an already optimised account. Ultimately, we focused on what matters to Forces War Records and only implemented changes we knew would work after split testing.

“Wayland and his team at Atomic Leap have a very hands on approach when it comes to running the PPC account. They consistently come up with new test ideas to ensure that the account was working effectively and this has helped our company tremendously.”

Andy Morris, Director

“We have worked with Web Atomic now for a number of years, and in that time they have overachieved for us in every way. We spend a huge amount on PPC advertising and Web Atomic have always been at the curve of the latest trends and ensured not only the maximum amount of traffic, but at the best price to achieve the highest ROI possible.”

Dominic Hayhoe, CEO

“You seem to have a genuine interest in our business, and understand its unique complexities. On top of this it’s very easy to communicate with you.”

Phill Cooper, CTO