Achieving consistent revenue and profit growth each month

How We Increased PPC Profits

Classic Football Shirts

Achieving a Remarkable Increase in PPC Profits Within 5 Months


The Challenge

Classic Football Shirts came to us when they wanted to unlock their online advertising potential to generate more exposure for their brand and to increase the profit generated by PPC.

The Aim

Our main objective was to target every potentially profitable country across the world and to prove the benefit of running PPC by increasing their revenue and profit month-on-month.


The Result

We increased profit by 133% year-on-year within 5 months and achieved consistent revenue and profit growth each month, as you can see from the graph below.


The graph shows 13 months’ worth of PPC performance, and the red line shows when we took over the account. Using analytics data, Google delivered an additional 2.5x in revenue in the first 10 months of running it compared to the previous year.


How We Did It

We started by completely restructuring the account and working with the team at CFS to create a measurement plan that more accurately matched how revenue and profit was generated across product ranges and specific products.

We created new multinational multi-lingual campaigns and started optimising towards this new measurement plan.

By using a combination of Google analytics and Google ads data driven attribution models our understanding of where profit was coming from improved and more campaigns became increasingly profitable.

By continuously split testing, we were able to get big wins in all areas of the account.

“Wayland and his team at Atomic Leap take a proactive approach to managing the PPC account. They continuously generate fresh test ideas, ensuring optimal account performance. Their efforts have significantly benefited our company.”