Advanced Search Remarketing

Take Advantage of Granular Search Remarketing Audiences

Search Remarketing has been a highly successful tactic in AdWords since launching, allowing advertisers to target highly motivated users already familiar with their brand or service. At PPC marketing company Atomic Leap we are always testing different ways remarketing can work for our clients, segmenting our audiences based on varied customer behaviour factors.

Remarketing Lists for Search

By using the target and bid setting in your search remarketing audiences, AdWords allows you to only target previous visitors to your website who are actively searching again. By creating entirely separate campaigns with targeted audiences, highly targeted and individual ads can be used as we already know this person is more than likely a highly motivated searcher.

To take this tactic into advanced territory we would recommend creating audiences based on several different factors:

  • Days since last visit to site
  • Non converter/converter
  • Basket abandoner
  • Engaged users (time on site/ pages viewed)
  • Device used

Based on what type of website and service you provide, there could also be many other ways to break down your audiences, such as a user who spends an above average amount on a product or whether they have purchased multiple times.

Days Since Last Visit Audiences

Using audiences defined by days since last visit can be a highly effective way of marketing your service – as each day that passes results in a different mindset or motivation from the visitor. Users that visited just 1 day previously are likely to remember your brand and are also highly motivated, as they are searching for the same service again. The likelihood of the users having found what they wanted already, after searching again for the same thing, is very unlikely so these users should be a key target. Once this audience has been defined you can then optimise your ad messaging alongside testing increased bids and even users journeys on the website – to increase potential returns.

Audiences at the other end of the scale, such as 30 days+ are less likely to remember your brand, so it would be a great tactic to create ad messaging that really stands out – perhaps offering these users an individual incentive to entice them back to the site. The fact that they are still searching for a related service or product shows that they are still in the market for this – so should still convert well.

We have seen great results with this tactic since we implemented days since last visit audiences. We’ve seen conversion rates 70% higher compared than standard search campaigns – making them a profitable target.

Individual Incentives

By creating audiences that recognise users that have signed up to a certain point on the website and then abandoned their prospective sale or membership can be targeted individually – driving them back to the site with a fresh new incentive.

This tactic can be tailored towards basket abandonment on websites – as users add specific items to their basket but don’t complete the purchase cycle. By reminding these specific users via tailored ad messaging and optimising bids, they can be enticed back to the website that they are familiar with to potentially complete their purchase.

One of Atomic Leap’s clients generate memberships via their PPC campaigns, offering users the chance to sing up as a free “basic member”, before they become a fully paid member – and then being able to access the whole of the service. By creating this first free membership stage, it allows us to tag this audience and target these motivated users specifically. By offering this audience individual discounts, such as a percentage of their first month or year, it makes the users feel that their basic membership has provided them with an exclusive offer and are therefore much more likely to convert.

Bu using these they advanced audiences remarketing tactics we have seen many great results in terms of profit generation – seeing one specific campaign achieve 72% higher conversion rates compared to the account average.

Keyword Targeting

Because you know these users are highly motivated to find a service related to what you offer, you should now be able to try more broad match keywords, giving you a greater reach in the search market.

For example, if your current campaigns include keywords such as “Holiday cabin in North Devon”, you could now try out more generic terms in your remarketing campaigns such as “holiday Devon”, or even “holidays”, as we know this user is still searching for their vacation.

By using this search remarketing tactic with one of our clients, we are able to reach an audience that we would have previously missed out on – adding valuable revenue income from their PPC campaigns. Despite advertising on more generic terms, these campaigns converted at a 35% higher rate compared to the other non-brand search campaigns as well as having a significantly higher value per sale.

Don’t Exclude Potential Repeat Business

One mistake that a lot of advertisers do is to exclude already converted customers from their remarketing efforts – as they believe these users are unlikely to buy from them again within the next few months. Although this may be the case for some products and services, it would be a mistake to write off these users completely.

If you sell individual products and update stock regularly, you could miss out on potential repeat customers, as well as referral business as the users look online with friends or family, recommending your product. As well as this, your product may have a certain shelf life – and customers may return to replace their item after a certain amount of time.

Effective remarketing will only work if your website is tagged up correctly – alongside how well the remarketing lists are set up, dependent on what you want to target. Advanced audiences will be most successful if the website has a large amount of traffic, allowing you to break down these users down to highly specific groups.

If you’re interested in discussing advanced remarketing for search and how you can drive more profit from your PPC campaigns, PPC marketing agency Atomic Leap will be happy to help.

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